Hello Pleaters! How are you doing?

Today is Day 66, which is another hotspot where it can be easy to lose your motivation, so I wanted to give you something new to try.

I’ve been working on another great style for long hair this week. It works well for all hair types, but the finish is very pretty in straight hair.

It came about because I’ve been wrestling with the challenge of working with my hair straight, not it’s natural curls, and because my hair has grown a lot since I last bought any hair accessories. (*gasp*) It means a lot of my beloved clips are just too small, and don’t hold all my hair well any more, and so I wanted to come up with a way to still wear my old favourites.

I’m sure I’m not the first to try it, but I’m calling this one the French Knot Pleat. Here’s how you do it…

  1. Divide your glorious mane into two sections…
    Photo on 26-11-2015 at 11.59
  2. Tying a simple ‘shoelace’ knot, pass one section across the other, and through the loop. Gently tighten by pulling the ends…
    Photo on 26-11-2015 at 12.03
  3. Repeat to use up as much length as you can, and pull up against the head…
    Photo on 26-11-2015 at 12.07
  4. Secure with your hair clip of choice…
    Photo on 26-11-2015 at 12.10
  5. Sip tea with satisfaction on creating such an intricate-looking style in 60 seconds.
    Photo on 26-11-2015 at 12.14Photo on 26-11-2015 at 12.11

This lovely Splendide Bow hair clip is our 8cm clasp size, making it best for fine to medium hair. Sadly this little beauty has NO chance of holding all my hair at it’s current length, which needs a Large or Extra Large clip.

However, by using up the bulk and length of my hair by making the knots, I’m just left with a small tail to secure, which this barrette holds with ease. As you can see, the fact that my hair is straight means that you can see the knots clearly, and so you get a pretty, and intricate-looking finish.

So there it is! This is my challenge for you this week, show me your French Knot Pleats…

As always, if you need a helping hand, just holler! You can ring the hair clip phone on 01732 883820, or email me at Claire@Stone-Bridge.co.uk

Happy Pleating!