Hello Pleaters, today is Official Day 85! Can you believe it?

As you’re all such experienced, practiced pleaters now, I wanted to throw you a little curve-ball for this weeks challenge.

At least once this week, I’d love to see you make a chignon, bun or topknot with your hair. You can use any accessories you like, but to get the most out of this little practice, I would say try a U Pin/Fork/Hair Stick, and don’t use an elastic to hold it in place.

Don’t panic! Everything you’ve learned about your hair, and how to make a secure French Pleat over the last 85 days is going to come in handy for this.

The technique to create a secure bun or chignon without an elastic is *exactly* the same as the one you’ve learned to make a pleat.

Here’s a few pictures to show you how:

  1. Gather your hair into a ponytail. This can be low down by your neck, mid-way up the head, or even up on your crown; wherever you start will end up being the centre of your bun, so keep that in mind.
    Photo on 14-12-2015 at 16.21
  2. Hold the head-end of the ponytail in place with one hand, and twist your hair with the other.
    Photo on 14-12-2015 at 16.22
  3. (If this was a pleat, this is where you’d fold it up against your head) Instead, using the hand that was holding the head-end of the tail in place, allow the twisted tail to wrap around itself. It should look like half a doughnut at this point!
    Photo on 14-12-2015 at 16.22 #2
  4. Using up the length of your hair, keep wrapping the hair around itself in a spiral.
    Photo on 14-12-2015 at 16.22 #3
  5. Tuck the ends underneath the spiral of hair, and above the same section, catch a small bit of hair from the top of the spiral.
    Photo on 14-12-2015 at 16.23
  6. Using the same motion that you would for a pleat, turn the stick over, and push it through the body of the bun. (slippery hair tip: I like to wiggle it a bit in a sewing motion to make sure I catch a lot of my ‘wraps’. As my hair is super-slidy, this helps support the style throughout the day)
    Photo on 14-12-2015 at 16.23 #2


The really important thing to make this style work is where you put your ends. To firmly secure these in place, you need to put your accessory of choice in over the top of them, as the ‘back-scoop’ motion traps them between your accessory and your head.

It may take some practice to get them where you want them to end up, but it’s worth the effort.

I’ll be in touch with everyone individually this week, it’ll be the last time I let you know where you are, and if need be, how many pictures you need to send in to be on target.

Remember, if you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Ring me on the Hair Clip Phone on 01732 883820, or send me an email at Claire@Stone-Bridge.co.uk.

I hope you’re having a great week!